2) Progressing on the Spiritual Path

You need three things to make their way in the world of today:

1) Inner links to the soul family, Spiritual Hierarchy, Perfect Masters and the Avatar.

2) Direct guidance from a Perfect Master or God Realised Soul.

3) Connection through the Direct Agent of a Perfect Master.

Number 1 is very hard to achieve by yourself, but is the goal which you can reach with the help of 2 or 3. Number 2, direct guidance from a Perfect Master is almost unheard of, and also not for the faint hearted. A Perfect Master only has 12 in their inner circle, and often only 3 of those are in direct physical contact at all times.

Number 3 - connection through the direct agent of a Perfect Master is the most possible and there will be many more direct agents authorised in the future. Having said that I cannot think of any successful spiritual teachers which fit into this category. In fact a lot of successful spiritual teachers may be on the 3rd or even 4th plane and simply not capable to pass on what they are advertising!

There are a few teachers out there on the 5th plane, but that only makes them a New Soul themselves and again they may simply not have the connections to do the work they attempt.
A true Spiritual Teacher has to have the muscles and connections on the inner planes to be able to shift the karma of the people with whom they work. It is one thing to do this for one person at a time. However the real trick is being able to do this for groups of people. This is where the Avatar and the Perfect Masters come in real handy.

When you read these words a change takes place: the energy of the subject is downloaded into your system, healing work is done on the inner planes and karmic renegotiation takes place.
We don't want lip service to the Spiritual Path: we actually want you to be able to change!



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