4) The Avatar and the Perfect Masters

The Avatar of the Age is Meher Baba, meaning ‘Compassionate Father’. He is the one who has been told who will come at the end of the Dark Age to redeem mankind and lead us into a glorious new Golden Age.

Meher Baba was first awoken in 1913 when He received a fateful kiss from the Perfect Master Hazrat Babajan. After a year living in a spiritually comatose state He proceeded to meet with the other four Perfect Masters of the age in order to fully awaken to His mission, His Divinity and His humanity. These Masters were Shirdi Sai, Upasni Maharaj, Narayan Maharaj and Tajuddin Baba.
Upon meeting Upasni Maharaj, the Perfect Master threw a rock hitting Meher Baba on the forehead in exactly the same place he was kissed. This rock brought Him back into the sphere of human consciousness once more, while retaining the awareness of His Divinity.

Meher Baba, as the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy for this Age, has already transformed humanity from within. Through the help of the Perfect Masters on earth at this time He is guiding us through the planes to a Higher State of Awareness in all fields of life. This is largely done through the mechanism of the Divine Drama that is played out here on earth through wars, political intrigues, manipulation and suppression. All the old systems have to be cleared and released. His work is to clear the old thought pathways to receive higher vibrations of light and love. The Avatars Love is the goal here.

Humanity is like a child that has outgrown the need for parental support or dependency. We also need to clear the collective consciousness of humanity, hence we see much in the way of darkness manifesting externally in the world at the moment, due to the effects of this clearing process. Any and all outmoded systems have to go: religions, politics, government or otherwise, so that only the Divine presence of the Overlighting Avatar remains in the hearts of humanity. One system is not going to be replaced by another, unless you include the all inclusive ‘love’ as the Divine system designed for all, and ruled by none.

We have to bear in mind that the Avatar (meaning He who descends) is the first and Original Soul, the first to become self aware and also the first to become God Realised. This Oversoul became the Divine Shepherd of this universe and became bound to guide all souls back to their Source, so that they too could realise themselves as Infinite and Divine.


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