A Crash Course in Karma and Spirituality

Introduction: Karma is a Funny Thing . . .

Karma is the law of attraction (and repulsion). Desire is the key principle in all of creation, regarding the journey of the individualised soul. In fact if you go back far enough, desire is the original urge which caused God to begin creation. It is not money that makes the world go round it is desire. Desire is a magnetic energy.


 'In the beginning there was Source thinking to itself, in pure being and awareness. Then at that point the thought 'who am I' started to solidify - it started to become dense and heavy. It magnetically began to drop in vibration. This created a 'big bang' of kinetic energy, which began to solidify further, into planets and suns and universes . . '


Karma is the magnetic cycle of energy created by desire. It is like a series of cogs, that keep turning round and round as long as desire keeps feeding it fuel. This magnetic field created by the inherent energies of karmic law, pulling towards the individual similar energies.

Karma is not a stack of chips that you have to pay off before you get to God Realisation. Desires lead from one to another according to your need, and karmic energies begin to manifest as a desire starts expressing itself. Once a desire stops expressing itself, then the karmic pattern no longer has fuel to sustain it.

Karma has funny ways of expressing itself. Someone who had hurt another in a previous lifetime, might come back in the next lifetime with the roles reversed. Also they might come back as close friends or lovers, to heal the energy. Or even in a parent/child situation. In fact, people that hurt each other already have a loving connection (or they would not agree to something like that.)

Of course the heavier the desire, the stronger the karmic reaction is in the field of action! Someone who has refined their desires, would find that the karmic waves that they create would be much less.


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