A Crash Course on the Avataric Age

Introduction: Meher Baba the Awakener

Meher Baba is the Avatar of this Age. He is the redeemer of humanity and the lover of all.
The Avatars mission is to awaken all of creation with His love. The essence of life, the Source of spirit is the love/energy of the Avatar. The Avatar is the Divine Shepherd, the first soul to finish the journey back to the creator and thus is bound to guide and deliver all other souls into liberation. Meher Baba is the Avatar of God, the physical manifestation of pure spirit.

Love is the true essence of all existence. Love is at the core of creation. And yet humanity has forgotten this. It can be easy to think that darkness has the upper hand. Darkness being another form of love. In fact it is in this age that darkness will awaken us to our own love and light as the human race. Without the polarity of darkness, everything good could not exist. What is goodness if there is not 'badness' to measure it by?

It is the Avataric Decree that the darkness stored here on earth be released, so that love can be truly felt by all. When negativity is suppressed it becomes an unconscious power unto itself. Many people on the spiritual path do not even know this. Unless we acknowledge negativity and accept its existence it gains power over us. Evil is not overcome by denying its presence. We are not 'bad' because negativity is within us. It is totally necessary that it is. We could not learn through duality, or even know ourselves as God if it was not so.

When we accept negativity and see that it is part of the larger plan it is we who gain control over it. From this point negativity can truly be let go of and released and we can move on to a higher place of existence. Dark emotions that are held on to cloud our hearts true loving nature and make us twisted and bitter. This emotional work can be done by expressing and allowing our feelings and by being with people who do the same.

Meher Baba had to come to embody the energy of the Divine Formless. His presence on earth allows all life forms to key into His vibration and become in tune with the Divine blueprint for all of life. Without the Avatars presence, God Realisation would not be possible. The Essence of Divinity is brought into physicality by the Beloved Avatar. Therefore the most direct route to God Realisation is contemplation of His physical form and devotion to His latest Manifestation.

The Avataric Energy is like the latest update for your computer - nothing will work properly for you until you 'upgrade' your system!



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