3) The Mental Body and Light Work

The Mental Body is the storage container for your karmic make-up.  Is it through clearing the Mental Body with Light Work that we prepare our light bodies for a direct infusion of light from the Source and Beyond. Light comes down from the various subtle realms.

Astral Light.
Mental Light.
Paramatman Light.
Beyond Essence Light.

The physical realm is quite dependant on astral light as it is the source of electrical and gravitational energies.  In the past world ages astral light was channelled directly and was utilised using the make-up of the individual to perform many miraculous action. Vehicles and, 'computers'  were powered by it.

Now in this age mental light is going to become much more available. The only problem is that due to it virulent nature mental light burns the physical body. Fortunately humanity is shielded to some degree as we are filtering this light down so that it doesn't reduce the world to a pile of ash.
Here is a meditation to bring in mental light directly:

Let yourself be still. Concentrate on your breathing, and imagine a column of light coming down from the mental planes. This light is translucent and quite fluid, as it is crystalline in nature. It begins to enter your body, both physical and subtle. It is working its way into your DNA to effect a change at a structural level. Keep your focus on breathing into this column of crystalline light, and allow it to cleanse you as well.

The mental realms are quite refined compared to the astral. They contain many beings which are huge in earthly terms. Here many of the basic structures for the creation of the physical universe are brought into being. DNA is encoded with 'crystalline' mental light which is filtered down to the astral plane where is then passed into the etheric kinesic template which surrounds the earth's space.


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