Do you want to know what is a Lightworkers role within the Earth Transformation taking place on earth at this time? Do you want to discover what is Channeling & Energy Healing and how to use them?

You have come to the right place as all these questions & more will be answered!

The earth is changing and we are changing with it! Find out what it really means to be one of the New Souls who are on earth at this time and are working within the Spiritual Hierarchy to help transform humanity.

Find out what is a Lightworkers main role on earth at this time. Find out how to work with Healing Energy and Light. Find out what is Channeling and how to utilise it along with your dormant Clairvoyant abilities to aid the transformation of the world around you.

For new and seasoned Lightworkers alike, get ready for a Crash Course in Spirituality!


Please visit our Halls of Learning where you can take Crash Courses on the many

aspects of the Spiritual Path and the Earth Transformation that is taking place:


2012: The New Earth and the Avataric Age - What is Channeling and how to utilise it?

What is Guidance & the Higher Self? - How to Open your Clairvoyant Abilities

What is Healing Energy? - What is a Lightworker and how to integrate with the New Energies?




A Crash Course in Spirituality - Book 1

The ‘Crash Course in Spirituality’ teachings are a series of booksguided meditations CD’s, talks and workshops about the spiritual path and how to walk it in the every changing world of today.

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