Nicholas Russell is a Spiritual Teacher who offers Healing in the UK

Nicholas RussellThe spiritual healing with energy work that I do is largely on a soul level. It is here that we attempt to achieve a level of higher guidance coming in that will bring about change for the individual.

Soul Contracts are rebalanced and renewed according to the need of the moment so that your True Soul Purpose can shine through, unhindered by karmic interference, or the magnetic pull of your many Soul Aspects.

It is on this level that I restructure your Timelines and manifesting Soul Aspects to bring about a balance of light and dark energies. This will allow a point of freedom to come about giving you the opportunity to close the door on any negative misinformation that may be entering your space.

As a part of this work your Karmic Contracts are reassessed according to Divine Will, to allow a direct connection with you Higher Self to come about. This in itself will manifest as Higher Guidance coming in for the individual, that is in alignment with the Soul’s True Purpose. 

Consequently this work is so deep, the effects radiate out across all the many layers of your subtle body network, as your whole energetic system will be reformed and restructured due to the healing with energy and light that takes place. This work will of course take place with the help of your manifesting Guides and active Soul Aspects.

All this takes place multidimensionally as light is filtered to you remotely through the vehicle of the Inner Planes, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Avataric Network. This gives you effective healing with energy as a powerful transmission takes place.


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