Order a Soul Reading Online: £90 GBP

PLEASE NOTE: The Soul Readings are the most powerful one to one work that I do!

Soul Readings are a snapshot of where you are now and where you need to go next according to your True Soul Purpose. These readings give you a perspective on this lifetime, and the particular Soul Aspect with which you are working. The reading comes in a written format that should be read repeatedly in order to absorb its true potential. The Soul Readings are sent to you via email. This is followed up with a 30 minute phone/skype/email consultation. More information:





Skype Soul Guidance Sessions: £35 for 30 minutes/£60 for 60 minutes

Here you get a chance to look at your present situation in life and what is needed to help you move forward. It is best to make the Skype/Phone call at a time when there are no other people around in the room you are in so you can get the full benefit of the Guidance Session. More information:

Skype Guidance Sessions



Nicholas Russell - Spiritual Teacher - Intuitive Healer

Nicholas Russell is a Spiritual Guide who helps align people to their Higher Self and True Soul Purpose. He does this work through Soul Readings, Guidance Sessions and Workshops.

He writes articles online through a number of website and is published regularly in the Paradigm Shift Magazine in the UK. He is the author of A Crash Course in Spirituality - Book 1 available on Amazon.

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