Skype Soul Guidance Sessions: £35 for 30 minutes/£60 for 60 minutes

Here you get a chance to look at your present situation in life and what is needed to help you move forward. In this session we look at how best to effect change in your life. This is done through an Energetic Transmission as I work with you on the inner and outer planes, restructuring Karmic Contracts and Timelines as needed. In this way you will be given the freedom to move according to your Higher Self. The way will be cleared for you to manifest your Soul Purpose.

It is best to make the Skype call at a time when there are no other people around in the room you are in so you can get the full benefit of the Guidance Session without any distraction. These sessions involve some guided mediations as well so it is best to have head phones.

Order a Skype Guidance Session through Paypal: £35 for 30 minutes or £60 for 60 minutes


Skype Guidance Sessions



Nicholas Russell - Spiritual Teacher - Intuitive Healer

Nicholas Russell is a Spiritual Guide who helps align people to their Higher Self and True Soul Purpose. He does this work through Soul Readings, Guidance Sessions and Workshops.

He writes articles online through a number of website and is published regularly in the Paradigm Shift Magazine in the UK. He is the author of A Crash Course in Spirituality - Book 1 available on Amazon.

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