Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is the way forward in the New Age on earth. It is through the attunement to the New Energy that is manifesting at this time that a transformation can be implimented. As you meditate you build up a frequency, which if you continue eventually makes a 'wave transition' that creates change within your daily lives. When done regually this will establish you fully within the New Energy and Avataric Mandate.

A Crash Course in Guided Meditation

The music for these cd’s is composed and channelled by Nicholas Russell, and aim to represent the highest energy pattern possible for you to be able to work with. The music is in itself a moving meditation, that is able to effect great change within, as it is designed to connect you to your Higher Self through the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Avataric Energy.

These meditations compliment the teachings from the ‘A Crash Course in Spirituality’ books, and will allow you to seek attunement to the highest energies on a daily basis!

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Guided Meditations CD’s - (2 cd’s)
Cd 1 - Guided meditations from ‘A Crash Course in Spirituality - book 1’
Cd 2 - Instrumental Meditations for Energy Healing.

Course Cd’s (to compliment themed workshops) - (2 cd’s)
- disk 1 is 1 hour talk on subject
- disk 2 is meditations on subject (plus music)

Subjects Covered:

Learning to Space Clear

How to Heal Multi-Dimensionally

Transforming Your Karmic Contracts

Timeline Rebalancing

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