2) Avataric Energy and Light Work

The whole Spiritual Hierarchy working under the Divine Director have been utilising Avataric Energy as pure 7th plane Avataric Energy to transform the earth with Light Work. This is done throughout creation as there are in fact 18,000 ‘earths’ on the inner planes that represent every possible nuance of reality that can be played out at this time. The Spiritual Hierarchy work within inner and outer time to bring about change within the hearts of humanity.

Those members of the Spiritual Hierarchy who are on earth at this time (and yes we mean you!) now have a huge potential to effect change around them through Light Work. This is due to the network of light that has been set up by the Hierarchy on the inner planes. Now when you work energetically within your daily lives you operate multidimensionally as your Soul Aspects are now able to work in unison in a manner that has not been possible before. The new opportunities are such that you can now operate on inner and outer time simultaneously.

As the Avataric Energy is the highest energy available for humanity at this time it will assert itself through your energetic system within your daily lives, passing though you to all you meet.
When Meher Baba came He took the raw energy of the 7th plane (that is 100% Paramatma Light) and adjusted it very carefully during His time on earth. When He dropped His body in 1969, this storehouse of Avataric Energy had been perfectly adapted to be absorbed fully by humanity. The problem was how to completely change the whole of humanity during the 100 year Avataric Age, without killing everyone in the process!

Even Astral Light will kill an individual if passed directly into their system and this radiates only 25-50% pure Light. When we work with Avataric Energy we are working with 100% Light, but it passes though the many filters set up by Meher Baba to make it digestible for the whole of humanity. This is why the Divine Director comes to earth as the Avatar, as only He can do this work by incarnating into physicality.

If you wish to work more directly with this Avataric Energy you can travel internally through meditation to Meher Baba’s tomb in India. This is the gateway through which Avataric Energy is entering the earth at this time. When you cross the threshold into the shrine itself, you are stepping into pure 7th plane energy. This is the only place on earth that radiates 100% pure Light!
There is a huge dimensional doorway here on the inner planes though which this 7th plane Light is passing into the earth, being directly fed in by the Avataric Network and the Perfect Masters who are in bodies on earth at this time.

To receive this energy is to receive the greatest spiritual opportunity, as it will only be directly available like this during the Avataric Age which ends in 2069. You have taken this very special lifetime to be here at this time and to take part in the Light Work that is taking place on earth at this amazing moment of Divine opportunity!

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