3) 2012 - The New World

As we move into 2012 and the New World, many are experiencing confusion at this particualr point. Humanity is changing, but the changes are not always perceptible on the surface level. What we have to do is use the inner eye to see what is really going on.

As we move into 2012 and beyond, we are moving into the New Golden Age of Humanity. The old world was destroyed by three ‘world wars’. The final ‘war’ was fought on the inner planes during the 7 years between 2001 and 2008. Needless to say, the light won this final confrontation!

The New World was inaugurated by the Avatar when He incarnated on earth in the form of Meher Baba. Every time the Avatar comes to earth, everything has to change. Previous Avatars have been Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad. The Avatar is a direct aspect of the Godhead that directly takes a human body in order to help mankind.

The Avatar is represented on the inner planes through the offices of the Divine Director. Here all decisions regarding life within the many universes are made. It is however, only on earth that the Divine Director takes a physical form periodically. The Spiritual Hierarchy are now present on earth once again. Many of them have taken lifetimes at this pivotal point on earth in order to help the transformation of humanity. You are one of them - whether you remember fully or not!

Even if you are not fully conscious of your Higher Aspects, they go forth and do the work of a Spiritual Master regardless. So on the inner planes you might have a huge presence. This Higher Aspect of you works directly with the rest of the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth and otherwise to clear the vast amounts of negative energy built up by humanity over many thousands of years. You work consciously or unconsciously everywhere you go within your daily life.

Within the Spiritual Hierarchy are many different beings and agencies. Most important of these are the God Realised Beings and the Perfect Masters. The Perfect Masters serve directly under the Avataric Network to carry the decrees laid out by the Divine Director when he last took human form as an incarnation of an Avatar. In fact there have been thousands of ‘mini’ Avataric incarnations, as the essence of the Godhead needs to pop in and out of physical reality many times to tweek the conditions of life on earth and evolution within the many universes. We are primarily aware of the most recent and/or poignant Avataric Incarnations of course!


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