2) The Problem of Spiritual Glamour for Light Workers

The problem with Spiritual Glamour these days is that it effects most Light Workers who are on earth at this time.

After many lifetimes spent escaping the thrall of emotional and mental glamour, the seasoned Light Workers then faces the far greater challenge presented by Spiritual Glamour. The experiences of the Higher Planes are far more attractive than those of the lower realms. Astral Glamour effects most regular humans on the earth and is by and large the biggest binding for them - it is the experience of the world of emotions that keeps them in the wheel of incarnation that has them coming back for more each time.

The energy within the Spiritual Realms once experienced is almost impossible to rid oneself of once experience. In fact it takes the hand of an experienced Master in physicality to do so.
Simply speaking -  bliss is addictive!

The Spiritual Aspirant becomes hooked on this Higher Plane Energy, and cannot exist without it. This in turn causes un-groundedness and imbalance within the energetic system. This is because when the individual is attached in this way to the energy of the Spiritual Realms this will make them vibrate too highly to be of much use here on earth.

If you vibrate above your higher heart centre you will suffer many Ascension Symptoms because of this. Simply speaking most Light Workers came down from the Spiritual Realms in the first place, and simply do not really want to be on earth. For the highly evolved soul, life on earth is a bit like swimming in sewage!

However we have been sent here to help labour humanity with the transformation down here so we need to be able to integrate with the earth energies as much as possible. Spiritual Glamour stops many from doing this effectively. The aim is balance after all and this means being comfortable in all the different realms and planes simultaneously.

The negative effects of Spiritual Glamour are manifold however, and can lead to a different form of ego and arrogance forming within the Spiritual Aspirant. Glamour is Glamour after all and it all has to go.

At the point where Spiritual Glamour is manifest, the Aspirant need to seek the direct intervention of a Perfect Master, or one of their Direct Agents to set them free.



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