5) Grounding and Ascension Symptoms

When you are a Light Worker of a higher vibration you may suffer from grounding issues, or Ascension Symptoms as you resonate at a frequency which is 'out of key' with the vibration down here on earth.  Consequently, you have an imbalance on your hands.

Signs of Ascension Symptoms and the need for grounding are: light headedness, overactive mind, feeling uncomfortable in 'normal' places and so on. All this can be just aggravated further by meditation and healing, which instead of making you clearer, pushes you further out of balance!

Mind you the energy here on earth is much easier to cope with than in the past, due to the amount of Light Workers who are here, and have brought down the light into the world. 15 years ago the Light Worker was a rare beast to behold. At that point out of the 1% of humanity who knew the truth, 1% of them were Lightworkers. Now we almost have a whole generations of New Wave Souls who are potential Lightworkers - pretty much everyone who was born after the 60's in fact.

We are trying to get the amount of Awakened New Wave Souls up to at least 7% of humanity. Then we can achieve a pole shift energetically speaking. Everyone who was born after the 1969 has the benefit of the Avataric Dispensation that was put in place at that time. They have opened psychic awareness and are in touch with the higher planes on some level or another. On the ground level that represents a shift for people who might have been 2nd plane, as they are now more on the 3rd plane. This also leaves quite a few 5th plane beings stuck in the 4th plane and who need rescuing at this time.

The amount of higher vibration souls here on the planet at the moment is at an all-time high, and as the light quotient on earth is at an all time high as well, the need for grounding is paramount. There are many means and ways to achieve grounding, although the best is integration with the world and humanity. By living in the world and being in touch with our human side we set the real foundations for Spiritual Mastery, which is not possible to achieve otherwise. Otherwise you are likely experience a catalogue of Ascension Symptoms until you do find a point of balance.

Remember the golden rule - if you feel uncomfortable doing something normal, it is because you are out of balance. If you have a nice strong system full of light, then you should be able to process alcohol, junk food and other impurities on the occasion as well. If you can't (or it makes you feel sick) it is because your subtle body is out of alignment with the physical body, and cannot even cope with the smallest of toxins.

You have to live in the world, IN AMONGST the impurities, and be true to yourself, your spirit and the Divine.

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