Spiritual Transformation Workshops 

Nicholas Russell is a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer who works with people in the UK as well as worldwide. He works in London, Brighton and Sheffield.

These more intimate self development workshops are designed to work on you to give you a point of balance within the subject that is being focussed on. Again this transmission will be largely a form of energetic healing, as you will be given the tools to shift in the area that is being concentrated on. This kind of energy work has previously only been possible through individual work. Now through the focus of the group work that is taking place on the inner planes, you are given a lift on every level possible to aid you in your bid for freedom.


Grounding and Being Human

When we learn to be human, we start to become Divine. Without grounding it is impossible to manifest your Soul Purpose fully. Learn to integrate with the earth energies that are present at this time, and how to be comfortable operating on the lower planes as well as the higher ones.

Overcoming Spiritual Glamour

Spiritual Glamour represents a real problem for the aspirant. Having had many spiritual lives before you may be more attached to the spiritual realm, than the physical one. We cannot achieve God Realisation whilst we are enthralled within this glamour.

Transforming Your Karmic Contracts

In this workshop we will specifically find a point of balance within your Karmic Contracts, so that they support your Soul Purpose. All the time that you are enmeshed in karmic energy you cannot move freely, and therefore your usefulness as an active Light Worker is reduced.

Destroying the Mind

In this workshop we will be repatterning the mental body, and restructuring the thoughtforms therein. When the lower mental body is ‘destroyed’ the higher mental body takes its place. It is through this that we can know God. Thoughtforms are one of the biggest hurdles you face as an aspirant.


other themes:

Transforming the Shadow Self

Destruction of the Ego