Training for Light Work and Ascension in the UK


Learning Workshops (Details TBA)

These workshops will concentrate on a specific topics like Energy Healing, Lightwork, and aligning with your Higher Self and training in ascension UK. However in accordance with the new way available to us, this will take place largely through a download of energy and information into your subtle body system.

Learn How to Clear Negative Energy
In this workshop you will be learning how to space clear negative energy effectively from your surroundings. This energy can manifest as astral entities, emotional residue or negative thoughtforms. You will learn how to effectively cleanse, purify and charge your living space.

How to Heal Multi-Dimensionally
Here you will be getting the latest downloads to open your energy healing abilities and allowing you to operate multi-dimensionally within your Soul Aspects that are already active. In this way you will become a medium for multi-dimensional light, operating more distinctly on all the planes together.

Working With Energy and Light
In this workshop you will receive the tools with which to perceive the world of energy more clearly and learn how to work with light of the highest order, within your daily lives. You will learn how to treat life as a 24 hours a day meditation and how to protect yourself through energetic light work.

Learning to use your Intuition
In this workshop we will be exploring how to use the Avataric gift of Intuition, in the New World of today through activating ascension in the UK. Through this focus, your latent intuitive abilities will be awoken, and you will open to see and feel the subtle worlds and realities that are operating around you.

Working with your Guidance and Higher Self 
Here you will learn how to tune in to your Higher Self, and how to follow your guidance in the form of higher guides. Here we will learn to close the door on misinformation, and to balance the information that is coming in at any one time through our manifesting Soul Aspects.




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