Healing Workshops Uk

These healing workshops in the UK will give you the latest energetic updates, and will keep you on top of your game spiritually speaking. Through the group focus we will be working on karmic energies, Soul Contracts and Timeline restructuring, through the focus of the Higher Self in motion. These workshops will give you the freedom of movement within your daily lives, and help you to integrate with the Avataric Energy that is bombarding the ‘earth-space’ as we speak.


Healing Workshops UK - Sheffield


Being Human - Saturday 5th of October 

True Spirituality - Saturday 9th of November

Inner Work - Saturday 7th of December


Broomhill Methodist Church, Fulwood Road, Sheffield, S10 3BD

Saturday - 10 am to 4pm Cost: £60 (Ask for Conc. Rates)

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Healing Workshops UK - London



Healing London - Healing Sheffield


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