4) The Old World vs the New World

India has previously been the home of the Perfect Masters who uphold creation, but no longer as the new Western Perfect Masters have a far higher profiles than any who have come before them.

There are certain places in India when the dimensions have merged through the practices of the God Realised souls there. In those places so called miracles are experienced and the energies of the Beyond God can be felt freely in meditation. Energies from the astral universe have entered the physical universe and make many seemingly impossible things possible.

On the inner planes and within inner time are great beings who govern inner and outer time. They are really governing a certain aspects of creation that relates to the unfolding of the Divine Plan.
The Divine Plan relating to inner and outer time is governed by the Avatar and his Agents which are primary the five Perfect Masters who maintain a physical presence here on earth. They are the planetary keepers who carry out the spiritual ‘audit’ down here and make the decisions regarding all the beings in creation.

According to the individual need, Perfect Masters stir the ‘broth’ of outer time, which is contained in the ‘cooking pot’ of inner time. The cream of the broth is then scraped off - the ‘cream’ being those who reach God Realisation.

So in outer time there is the five Perfect Masters and the 56 God Realised Beings that all have physical bodies at any given point. When one dies or is demoted/promoted another saintly being is given their role. There are of course sub-divisions within these divisions. However, the Spiritual Hierarchy on the inner planes are somewhat more numerous.


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