3) The Inner Planes and Outer Time

There are two primary realms as far as we are concerned – the inner planes of energy and the outer realm of physicality. Science concentrates on the physical realm, but it is a fraction of the size of the inner realms. Although quantum physics takes us to the boundary of the two worlds it struggles to get any further.

Actually there are in total three primary realms, as we must include the spiritual as well.
Concerning time and Timelines, outer time is linier and seemingly runs concurrently. Inner time runs more in cycles. Einstein realised the fallibility of outer time when he realised that space and time are illusions created by the way we perceive light and the speed in which it travels.

The problem with outer time is that it is such a pain to manage. The inner realms are in many ways contained and limited within their own specific Timelines, while the outer realms are a bit of a free-for-all. Many inner plane beings look to the outer realms as a means of completing their spiritual journey. Particularly with the planet earth which is like a 'boot camp' for the higher vibrational being.
Very few Light Workers are born into India anymore which was  previously the spiritual centre of the earth. Now the West is the new and vibrant place to be. Why do you want to be born somewhere which has thousands of years of ritualised practice bred into the energetic system when you can be born in America, or England? Aside from everything almost all the saints that ever have been in India have now incarnated in the West and are ready for the final push.

India is a good place to observe inner and outer time as it is the one place where the two have merged a great deal here on earth. When we go home to mother India we go to touch the ancient heart-centre of the world and to pick up our ‘keys of creation’ and our ‘robes of office’.

India still holds the energy of the Beyond. It has been the home of the Avatar when He comes to earth and even Jesus paid a visit there before he woke up!


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