2) Timelines and Inner Affirmation

Life is experienced so that a point of balance can take place. Through karma, desire, affirmation and the vehicle of yourTimelines, light and dark experiences are forwarded to you from your soul, according to your need at that time and place. Some people say, ‘If God exists, then why is there suffering?’

What we call suffering is a strengthening experience. People who go through periods of great suffering often come out strong and empowered at the other side. If you had just good things happened to you all the time you would become too weak to live on earth and in humanity.

Life is all about choice. You experience something until you choose not to. Timelines take us from one choice to the next within our lives. Quite often we are not aware of the big choices that we make in life as they are made at a soul level which is shielded from us by our subconscious mind.
An average person should have maybe 4-6 primary Timelines open to them (although they may have many subsidiary ones.) If you are spiritually healthy you may only have 2 or 3 Timelines on which you operate.

The God Realised and enlightened have only 1 Timeline however, which is known as the Heartline. This Timeline is golden in colour and emanates out of the heart centre to travels through space and time to connect the enlightened one to the Source of all Creation. It is like a spiritual umbilical cord which exists for all souls from the moment they begin to spiral away from Source and enter the physical creation. For the enlightened one this is the only Timeline which exists for them. It is not really a Timeline in a normal sense, but it is a direct line of communication to God.
We all have this 'Heartline', but it is over shadowed by the other Timelines on which you operate, as it is far more subtle and refined.

Many of the New Souls that are here on earth now have strong healing abilities, but lack the focus and intent to utilise them properly. Many New Souls are like energy dustbins in that they collect the crap energy from others and process it themselves in their daily lives. Healing is a fine art but the proper procedures need to be carried out in order to do it safely.


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