1) What are SpiritualTimelines?

A Timeline is a reference point in space and time which we know as desire and karmic impulse. There are 18,000 earths, and therefore 18,000 possible planetary Timelines.

As an individualised soul begins it journey downwards into the physical realms it begins to magnetise itself. This ‘magnetic’ energy starts to attract the emotional components that the soul will need in its particular lifetime. It is here that timelines begin to form and assert themselves.
The Oversoul of creation is infinite and therefore the individualised soul is timeless in essence. The quintessential experience of life on earth which is so special is also the ultimate in illusionary linier experiences - we are born, grow old and die! Such an experience cannot take place in any another point of space and time.

It is the uniqueness presented by the opportunities of the many different experiences that can be had in a single lifetime here on earth that has many great beings of spiritual power queuing up for a brief lifetime down here. Even angels and goddesses get bored of their immortality sometimes.
It is the essential desire to experience light and dark in all its diversity down here on earth, which makes the opportunity for such things possible. A Timeline is a linier transition from one point to another. However, Timelines can affect many different aspects of your emotional and mental make-up. Personal Timelines may dictate what kind of job a person does. A planetary Timeline would govern the possible destinies of that particular planet. Spiritual Timelines represent the different aspects of the soul which have manifested themselves (and which some call lifetimes).

You have 8,400,000 or so Soul Aspects/Timelines/lifetimes in which to experience everything so to speak and to balance light and dark. Sitting here on earth we seem to experience each of these as individual lifetimes although it may be foolhardy to believe that all these lives are spent on earth. From the perspective from ‘upstairs’ within the inner planes of energy and light, all of these lifetimes happen simultaneously.

Here is a meditation to help you attune to your Soul Aspects:

'As you sit here and now become aware of the 8,000,000 aspects that you have circling you in inner and outer time. From these aspects you can gain energy and information needed to reach a point of balance within yourself, and become whole. Notice how the light doorways become open, and the dark doorways close. Your 8,000,000 aspect now spin fast, and create a ring of golden light, which shrinks as it merges within your heart and disappears . . .’

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