4) Spiritual Empowerment

In the Spiritual Path personal empowerment is everything. You will not achieve Spiritual Mastery without it.

There have been thoughtforms that tell you that you have to suppress your power in order to ‘be’ spiritual. This is not advised. When you bring your power in, then you also bring in your Soul and the potency of your Higher Self. You have the raw potential of the Spiritual Master who can help people shift through their personal karma.

The twin pillars of mastery are - Love and Power.

First comes Self Love and personal Empowerment. When these are in place the Spiritual Aspirant can bring in the higher aspects of Divine Love and Spiritual Power. These are the two raw elements of the God force. The feminine aspect of Love and the masculine aspect of Power.

However, love by itself is too weak to operate properly in the world. If this is your aspect then you need to wrap your love around your power to find a higher point of balance. Power by itself is too hard to operate in the world affectively. It needs to be softened by the ‘pillow’ of love for it to become useful.

Really if you operate with one, or the other here you are at a point of imbalance. Empowerment begins in the most simple of areas. Power and truth are really the same thing, so you need to be ruthless in the application of your Truth to progress in this area. Stand tall and be confident within yourself. Touch your Higher Self and bring down the raw Spiritual Power of your Soul.

Take responsibility for your life and start building a new one. Be strong.

In fact the True Spiritual Path is really only for the toughened veterans who can take it. When the going gets tough (which it always will when you are on the true path) - the tough gets going! How else can you take the constant destruction of the self, the abasement and the grinding down of the mind and ego?

This path is not for the faint hearted. You cannot proceed properly down this path without claiming your power - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

To bring together the Highest Love and Power is to become Perfect and to achieve the highest form of Spiritual Mastery.


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