2) Intuitive Psychic Mastery

The New Way is 24 hour a day direct communication. This means at any point you can talk with your 'guides' work with energy, meditate and all while you have your eyes open and are doing other things!

The New Wave way, is the way of the Spiritual Ascended Master remember. The point of balance which leads to Spiritual Mastery is to be based in your heart while doing all of this.

There are many who have a strong clairvoyant connection upstairs who do not know their own heart. This imbalance quite often comes about from un-groundedness. If the lower chakras are not being utilised properly the subtle body drifts upwards out of alignment with the physical body. When you might say that someone was 'not in their body' you might be accurate in this instance as the subtle essence has almost departed from the physical.

The training to get 'heart centred' comes from integration from the world and all the lower energies and planes as we have discussed before. You cannot be fully heart centred unless you do this. The strongest intuitive connection comes from being based in the heart. Here you can know instantly the hearts of all others. When you are based in the heart you don't really need to tune in to what you need to do, as it is nigh on impossible to do what is wrong. Your whole emotional and mental response to life and its manifold experiences is governed by the heart.

I don't know if you have noticed when you are not situated in your heart it is almost impossible to do the right thing. Well, if you are in your heart it is just as impossible to do the WRONG thing!
What we are looking for is a direct dialogue with the Divine.

Now new doorways are open for humanity due to the unique opportunities that can be had in an Avataric Age. Every person can now have a direct dialogue with God although this may take some time to realise fully.

By 2069 the amount of humanity that will actively be channels to the Divine should be around the 10% mark. This is a quantum leap from where we are now.


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