1) How to Transform Collective Karma

Of course we cannot really talk about karma, unless we talk about collective karma, seeing how most of you have already nullified 80-95% of your own karma. What you do when you incarnate, as a soul of light, is you take on karma (in a Spiritual Healing capacity) that is ancestral, or collective to the area you live, or humanity as a whole. If you were feeling really daring before you came down here, you might have agreed to take on some universal karma - lucky you!

Have you ever noticed when trying to clear your own karma, that something you thought you had cleared before rears its ugly head again? That is because as an expert in eradicating a certain karmic energy, you were given some more of the same to clear for the good of humanity. You aren't going to get very far doing this work by yourself, as the work is collective.

So this article represent a stepping stone to the collective mind of one who are working with humanity at this time. Through this connection, we can play 'karmic swap cards'.

We can work to karmic balance the work of the group as a whole, by swapping workloads around according to our own capabilities.

If you come to us, carrying the karmic equivalent of a 'killer whale', we may be able to help you. We would take your karma, divide it up amongst the collective group according to who can handle what, and what benefits are to be had for each. Then we would give you a 'kipper' of karma back. This would represent just enough karma to help you free yourself, and realise who you are. Although there is a catch - we may have ┬álaced that ‘kipper’ with a Higher Contract. You may have agreed to work with God directly now, according to His Will!

You will be offered a contract to go up, and work more directly with the energies of the Divine Will. Whether you take this contract or not is up to you.


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